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Dispense Valves and Systems

Glenmarc offers a wide range of valves and valve systems for dispensing precise, accurate, repeatable amounts of almost any fluid, gel, or paste, Our valves can dispense thin solvents, CA’s, medium adhesives and lubricants, and also thick RTV sealants, soldering and pipe pastes.

Our dependable precise valve dispense systems are ideal for automated assembly lines, bench top use, and machine design applications. If you are designing a new dispense station or retrofitting an existing one, our dispense valve system will improve fluid control, lower maintenance costs and increase productivity.

We also offer a complete line of valve controllers to precisely control your shot size and offer an easy economical way to use for process control. We have valve stands, tank reservoirs, turntables, and X, Y, Z axis motion devices to complete any dispense valve system you may need.